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“Re: Christopher Cumby, Life and Business Coach Chris Cumby has been my life and business coach for six months. During that time, he has helped me a tremendous amount. I love reading self-help books and listening to podcasts but one-on-one coaching has helped me in ways those resources have not been able: - Chris shares resources that apply directly to me. - Chris understands the complexities of the unique challenges I face and can offer solutions based on exactly what I need. - Chris holds me accountable. Lastly, and perhaps most important, being an entrepreneur can leave you feeling lonely when it comes to making major decisions that can impact many lives. Chris has a great personality for understanding the decision at hand and opening my eyes to alternative solutions- usually better than what I’d considered possible. It gives me much more confidence when it’s time to execute those decisions. Chris is very optimistic. But he’s also very real and practical when it comes to his advice on achieving your own goals. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to improve in life or in business!”

John Wellborn

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This agreement is made between you (“Client”) and Christopher Cumby and Christopher Cumby International Inc. (“Coach”) as of the date you purchase.

The parties hereby agree as follows:

1) Coach shall provide Client with coaching services (the “Coaching”) designed to facilitate Client’s self-discovery and self-actualization, the development of the internal resources required for setting personal and professional goals and the determination and articulation of the means for their consistent and successful pursuit.  The Coaching shall be performed by means of direct, personal communication between Client and Coach.

2) Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that: (i) Coach is not a medical professional, psychologist, or therapist of any kind; (ii) the Coaching does not constitute counseling, therapy, or medical, personal, legal, financial, technical, or professional advice of any kind whatsoever, and is not a substitute for mental or physical healthcare, all of which it is the responsibility of the Client to seek from the relevant licensed professionals; (iii) Client’s feelings, beliefs, decisions, judgments, choices, and actions are all the sole responsibility of Client; (iv) there is no guarantee that Client will achieve personal or professional success using or implementing the ideas, techniques, or strategies received during the Coaching, and that any such level of success in attaining results is dependent upon a number of factors including Client’s skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, personality, market, audience, business savvy, business focus, business goals, partners, luck, and financial situation.

3) The Coaching shall be delivered during sessions of ninety (60) minutes in length (each, a “Session”) by face-to-face, Facetime, telephone, or an Internet link such as Skype.  There shall be two (2) Sessions per month, scheduled at the mutual convenience of the Coach and Client. Client agrees to provide Coach with a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice to reschedule a Session.  The Sessions may be augmented by occasional emergency or unplanned calls, as needed, as and when the Coach is available, and subject to the standard hourly rate for such communication.  Client may communicate more often with Coach via email or SMS text message, but Client acknowledges and agrees that the personal and professional schedule and commitments of Coach may prevent prompt, regular, or any responses at all to such communications.

4) The Client hereby covenants and agrees to commit to an initial term of (12) months of coaching (the “Initial Term”).  Coaching may continue beyond the Initial Term on a month-to-month basis or renewed for a further 3-month period, as mutually agreed by the parties.

5) (a) The Coaching shall be billed to Client at a rate of USD $1,997 per month or an agreed upon discount coupon may have been provided in which whatever the rate paid at the time of entry will be the set-forth payment for the duration of the agreed upon terms (the “Coaching Fee”), payable on the day you sign this agreement or signed in on my website portal and from the day the coaching commences and 30 days thereafter, for the scheduled number of hours for that month.

(b) The first and last month fee is billed at the same time and will be invoiced and sent by email to accompany this agreement.

(c) The Coaching Fee shall be payable for the duration of the Initial Term, irrespective of Client’s actual usage of, need for, or participation in the Sessions.   

(d) Client acknowledges and agrees that there are no refunds of the Coaching Fee, under any circumstances.

6) Coach acknowledges that, during the coaching relationship with Client, Coach shall occupy a position of trust and confidence with Client, and hereby covenants and agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the coaching relationship hereunder and all information received from Client pursuant to the provision of the Coaching hereunder (the “Client Information”).  Coach shall not disclose any Client Information without the consent of Client, save and except if such disclosure is made pursuant to a requirement or request of a government agency, subpoena or other legal proceeding.

7) Client hereby covenants and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Coach, its directors, officers, shareholders, employees and agents (the “Coach Parties”) harmless against all claims, suits, proceedings, costs, damages, liabilities, losses, fees and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) and judgments incurred, claimed or sustained by the Licensor Parties arising out of the Coaching, including without limitation, any specific referral, advice given, or any actions taken by Client while working with or as a result of working with Coach hereunder.


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