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““Chris Cumby has been a positive influence in my life for over a decade now. His thought leadership and coaching has had a direct impact on my life. Chris and his success playbook and his philosophies on life have without a doubt been an inspiration and part of what led me to finding my own purpose. Chris is a great friend, outstanding coach and mentor.””

Dave Clare, a happy customer!

““True character sometimes hides itself in our global social platforms; only through transparency and relationship can it be unveiled. If we are fortunate in our personal and professional endeavors we may witness it early on, as was my experience with Christopher. Not only is he a servant leader, he provides authentic solutions to complex challenges and opportunities; and he does so with the utmost character. I believe that Christopher will add depth, leadership and opportunity to your growth and expansion; I highly recommend him. “”

Allan Wich, a happy customer!

““Chris Cumby is my mentor, friend and confidant. He is beyond his years in wisdom and happily shares information, like its a currency and has value. He adds value, to any conversation and any room he enters! With Chris’ guidance I have gained more confidence & expertise in my professional and social life. In my personal life, the lessons I attained were through observation, as he leads by example on an everyday basis. The moment we met; I knew I could learn from this man, who lives in such a way that if others did, the world be a better place.””

Carley Simandl, A Happy Customer!

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